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What we do


Our services inlcude.

  • Communication Strategies

    We will align your core objectives to all your internal and external communication. Identify your audience and reach them using the right channels, activities and tools.

  • Advertising

    TV / Radio / Print

    Develop advertising collateral to deliver the message succinctly

  • Graphic Design Solutions


    We create graphic material including posters, flyers, company profiles, logos, corporate identity guides as well as internal and external branding.

  • Media Buying

    Print / Electronic / Digital / Social Media

    Advertising and promotions can be very expensive. We will ensure that you only spend what you must for maximum effect across the available media platforms.

  • Content Development

    Web / Print

    Your website needs to be alive and dynamic. We'll be the heartbeat that keeps the conversation alive.

  • Event Design

    Events need to leave a lasting impression. We shall design the best events that will be on the lips of those that attend for months and years to come.

Giving your Business Strides, naturally

How we Work

To best communicate your brand’s USP, we immerse ourselves deeply into the lives of your consumers. This gives us valuable insights that eventually form the core of your communication strategy.

Facts About

Design Communication

  • Getting your message right and delivering it to the right audience will positively affect your bottom line.
  • Good design drives shareholder value.
  • Every business should leverage the power of creative design and communication to identify as well as convert gaps into consumer value and business growth opportunities.
  • To understand design you must observe nature. Draw inspiration from out it works effortlessly. Align the elements around you, offer value consistently and exercise patience.
  • Connect with your audience by caring about what matters most to them.

Our team

Meet the team

We are a compact team of passionate communication experts that love the how, what and why of what we do.

Michael Mwai

Michael Mwai is an entrepreneur by design and creative by choice. A seasoned communication designer, he specializes in publishing, above the line advertising, video production and written communication.

Michael Mwai

Commercial Director & CEO
Benjamin Wanjohi

Benji is probably one of the fastest growing creatives in the ad agency world. Evolving from Copywriter, to Senior Copywriter/ Deputy Creative Director and finally to Creative Director. He’s worked on some of the biggest brands out there; Guinness, Barclays, HP, VISA, PSI, P&G, YANA, Nokia, LG and the evolution continues.

Benjamin Wanjohi

Creative Director
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